Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Journey to Velesi - Part I

I still think back to when it all began--before Tharin, before Lily, before Velesi. Like all great journeys in the history of writing, this one started with a quest. A quest to fulfill a mother's dream to give her daughter the wedding of her dreams.

It was 2009 in Las Vegas. We were hit by a shift in the economy and I was let go from one of the largest, most prestigious casinos on the Strip. It was a tough time for everyone in the gaming industry, and no one was hiring "another" catering/conference manager, especially one of my "mature" age. With the worst housing crisis of our time, along with a tsunami of downsizing (many lost their jobs due to cuts), and surviving on one paycheck, my husband and I were facing some lean times ahead of us. I had to do something to help carry the financial burden.

At the same time, our eldest daughter came to me one evening and said, “Mom, I’m getting married.” With my husband doing the heavy lifting with the mortgage, the cars, the insurance, and everything else, it was up to me to see about the wedding. My first husband (her biological father) and I paid for our wedding, and it was tough. I remember the stress, the tears, the family against family fights (he was Irish, I was Samoan) and losing 18 pounds a week before our wedding. I made a promised that our only child together would get her wedding without worrying about the dress, the cake, the reception, food, DJ and everything else involved. How I was going to do that...I had no clue.

I had to face some serious truths. One was that I had nothing to fall back on except for what I knew in event planning. The second was that I had no means at the time to start an event planning business. To be honest, I was tired. I had spent years of sacrificing so much time and effort working to serve others that I had lost precious time on what mattered the most...family. I was exhausted by the thought of what it would take to start a company in an industry that was already deeply saturated. I mean, I did live in Las Vegas--the Mecca of event planning.

However, the bills still needed to be paid. So, I took on several temp jobs, until filigrees of failure began to seep through the battered doors of my mind.

I remember sitting in front of my computer, feeling distraught and beaten. I couldn't think, and I didn't want to think...it only led me down the bleak path of my situation. Ever stare at something without seeing it? That's what happened that night. I was staring at my screen without seeing it, yet I couldn't shift my focus. Then, like a star blinking in the dark skies, a file at the bottom of the screen winked at me. It was the folder icon that I kept all my short stories, novellas, and epic stories in...most of them unfinished. So desperate to be distracted from reality, I opened the file with a shrug and a settled grin. Why not?

It was The Sleeping Prince that I opened first. This one I did finish. I wrote it when my daughter was only a few months old and discovered she had developed a love for books. Or I should say with paper. She loved the feel of it, and when she realized I was reading from it, she wouldn't go to sleep unless I had a book in one hand and her in the other. I could have been citing our HOA by-laws; she wouldn't have cared. She would lie there staring at the book so intently that it took forever to get the girl to go to sleep. I read that manuscript with fond memories.
That night I went on a ride down memory lane. I read one piece after another, and after several stories, I admitted to myself that I may be a so-so writer, but I was a damn good storyteller. I started writing on a new piece right then and there...at 3:10 am in the morning on March 10, 2011. And, no, it wasn't The Binding. That came four months later.

The Signed Wings was about a young girl who discovered she was a Nephilim who must work alongside a half-demon. I made it to Chapter 13 when I was hit by writer's block...a two-week-long writer's block (trust me, it was torture). Finally, I pulled out several boxes full of books from the garage and scanned through them for some inspiration. That inspiration came in the form of Tad Williams' The Dragon Bone Chair

…and at that moment—Tharin Luna was born.

Artist: Unknown 2018 (If you know the artist...let's give them their credit.)

Until next time, good reading to all!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Thomas Kane - Cover Reveal

I can't believe he's finally here. Thomas Kane is here—on Amazon (for Kindle) February 3, 2018. A labor of love, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I can't wait for you to meet him and the those who were destined to take the journey to the Ark of Life with him.

Book Blurb:
Thomas discovers that on his thirteenth birthday, he will go through a change and become the Shepherd. In five more years, he will be ready for the Awakening of the new Elements, and he will deliver them to the Ark of Life where the Old One's wait to be released and replaced by Earth's new Elements. But, like in every hero’s story, an ancient adversary disrupts the process and puts the world in peril. The Null, after millennia of waiting, has awakened the new Elements five years before their time.

Embark on a journey where a young boy is destined to be the Elements' Shepherd and earth's most unlikely hero. 

Come meet Thomas, Iollan (Ooh-lan), Junior, Kira, Linx-Flav and Tehia. I hope they will come to be favorites for you as they have for me. 

Let me know what you thought, how you felt and if I should lock up my pen, throw away the key and never do this again (okay, that won't happen, but let me know anyway). Leave your review on Amazon.

Until next time, good reading to all!


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thomas Kane - The Boy Who Knew Fire

Fire by CassiopeiaArt
Thomas Kane came to me some twenty-two years ago. It started with a storyline that involved the Elements and a boy who not only had the power to carry them within him but also became the chosen one to shepherd the new Elements to replace the "Old Ones" at the Ark of Life.

Many times, I started Thomas's journey only to be sidelined by everyday life—home, family, work...work, work, work! Even when I left the hotel industry, his story was always at the back of my subconscious while other stories bubbled to the surface. The foremost being The Binding, the first book of the Velesi Trilogy. Others followed, but always Thomas was there, in the background, patiently waiting. 

After writing six books all related to the Velesi realm, and after the success of the first two books of the Greaneth Series, I knew it was time. Thomas rushed to the front of the class eager to tell his story, and tell he did. In working on the first installment of  what will be a five-book series, Thomas came to life. With each stroke of the pen, he grew into the boy I had first imagined over twenty-two years ago. With each peeling of the onion, he bloomed into someone I've come to love, especially now that more about him has been created after being dormant for so long.

We start with Thomas at twelve years of age. He discovers that on his thirteenth birthday, he will go through a change and become the Shepherd. In five more years, he will be ready for the Awakening of the new Elements, and he will have to take them to the Ark of Life where the Old Ones wait to be released and replaced by Earth's new Elementals. But, like in every hero’s story, an ancient adversary disrupts the process and puts the world in peril. The Null, after millennia of waiting, has awakened the new Elements before their time.

I am excited about this new journey and about having Thomas as our guide. To help Thomas lead the Elements safely to the Ark of Life are his Uncle Iollan (pronounced Ul-an) and his two older cousins.

Thomas's story isn't just about saving our world, but also of growth, awareness, and self-discovery. He learns that his mixed heritage is not a demerit in life, but a woven bond of strength, loyalty, and family.

Thomas Kane - The Boy Who Knew Fire is scheduled for Kindle release on Amazon in January 2018. Look for it and join me in this new adventure, and after speaking about him for so long, you will finally meet Thomas Kane.

Until next time, good reading to all.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Oracle's Amulet is here!

It's official The Oracle's Amulet is now available for pre-order on Amazon for Kindle. You can pre-order your copy here.

The Oracle’s amulet is missing. With its power, a nation can be brought to its knees and a mighty queen reduced to a mere puppet in the hands of her betrayer. In search of the amulet, an old enemy and an unlikely ally are in Pathen seeking the First Greaneth’s help. In the meantime, Mellis has his hands full with a visitor from Velesi—a young elf looking for his “uncle.”

Their quest for the amulet leads them back to Velesi and into Nyloth Woods. The journey takes them into treacherous territory, where danger comes in many forms. For Alorn, repressed memories open old wounds, and the need to silence the weeping he’s lived with since childhood. Mellis discovers the true essence of the Silverfish and its connection to the girl with the purple shark birthmark.

The Oracle’s Amulet leads the Greaneths to a world of wonder and conspiracy, of beauty and death. And the discovery of the amulet’s true purpose will change Alorn’s life forever.

The Oracle's Amulet will be released on Amazon 
November 25, 2016
Available for Kindle Only

The Oracle's Amulet is now available for pre-order at the special price of $1.99. And since November 25th is Black Friday we will continue with the $1.99 price all day. The launch price of $2.99 will be in effect on November 26, 2016.


Until next time, good reading to all!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Binding - The Graphic Novel

Visit us on Kickstarter!
It's happening! We're taking the Velesi trilogy to the graphic novel realm! I'm very excited to share this news with you and hope you will join me on this next journey for Lily and Tharin and the elves of Velesi!

We start with The Binding, breaking it down into 5 limited edition issues. Once all issues are done, they will be combined into one complete graphic novel. The success of this project will be used as a template for the remaining two books: The Drifting and The Whispering.

To help me put their story into illustrated form I have brought on board Las Vegas local artist, Tia Sifford who will be responsible for the main graphics. Also joining our team is California based Rita Fatu. Rita is our lead cover artist for all cover issues. At a later date we will bring on a letterer to help complete this project.

Pledges will help pay for all artists, letterer, supplies and materials, and the two major elements in making this project happen: printing and distribution.

Please, take a moment and visit our page, review the rewards tier and make a selection.

Although there are several rewards listed, my theory is if everyone pledges the $1 reward, we would reach our goal before the campaign ends.

Thank you so much for your support and much love from Velesi!

Until next time, good reading to all!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

REVIEW: Daughter of the Drackan: Book 1 of Gyenona's Children

I had to give it a day before writing this review for this new Dark Fantasy by Kathrin Hutson. It's rare when a story eats at me to not only read it nonstop until I reached the end, but continue to force myself to remember to "sip and not gulp" it in its entirety. And that's how this masterpiece should be read; nice and slow in order to take in all the imagery, the well developed characters, the background scenery and the nooks and cranny that is the Daughter of the Drackan.

Hutson's ability to thread words together to bring to life a tale of courage, discovery, loss, love and death, in ways only true master storytellers can, is...well, I have no word for it. Words such as amazing, outstanding, brilliant...are trivial and doesn't come close to describe her writing. I couldn't put the book down, and when I had no choice, the story nagged at me constantly until I was able to return. The characters, those of human and drackan kind, are vivid and full of colors. Their fears, needs, wants, joy and frustration become yours and you will find disconnecting with them a difficult task.

You will discover Keelin and how she came to be raised by an elderly drackan. When she begins to have blackouts that she can't explain, the world of man pulls at her to find her answers. Her loyalty is tested, her fear becomes her strength. She becomes divided. In the world of drackan she is Keelin, in the world of man she is Kaht-Amvir. Two different women, one body and soul.

Keelin's story is a complex one, but is expertly told with ease. Her's is a story well captured and should be released over and over again by many. Ms. Hutson is a true storyteller.

There is a preview of the sequel included at the end that is so tantalizingly delicious and insanely cruel I wanted to reach out and strangle the storyteller. Well played, Ms. Hutson, well played.

This is a great read and I highly recommend it. Click on the book cover and it will take you directly to its Amazon page.

Until the next time, good reading to all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Talion Witch is Here!

It's official! The Talion Witch is now available on Amazon for Kindle. You can order your copy here.

Yes, our beloved elves are in Pathen and it looks like they will be sticking around for awhile. So, pour yourself a drink (Coke or hot tea for me), find a secluded area in your home, get comfortable and come along on a new adventure with our boys from Velesi.

NOTE: Please read responsibly. Please take an occasional break and do the following:

  • Wash the children at least once a day.
  • I believe there is a law that you must feed them, too; 3 times a day is good.
  • The same feeding rule applies to your pets (and your spouse).
  • Occasionally look up and connect with your mate; a quick glance should do.
  • Stay hydrated and eat pie.
  • And don't forget to call in to work; you'll need the income to purchase the upcoming books in the series.
  • But most importantly, don't hate the author when your favorite character is killed in the middle of the most extraordinary romantic scene ever!!!

For me, it was an adventure in itself to bring Alorn and Mellis back after such a long break. It was an endearing task and giving life to a new world for them (and us) was most invigorating for me. I love this new series (already working on Book 2), and I hope you will come to love it, too.

Enjoy and share, share, share!

Until next time, good reading to all!

PS: The good, the bad or the ugly...whichever way you found the story, please don't forget to leave a review on Amazon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Talion Witch - Book Cover and Release Date

I am excited to share with you the new cover for the Greaneth Series: Book 1 - The Talion Witch.

~ * ~ * ~

Click on the cover to pre-order on Amazon.

Book Blurb:
It has been a year since the First and Third Greaneth of Velesi arrived in Pathen. In that time, Alorn and Mellis have hunted and sent back some of the UnderRealm’s deadliest of demons that escaped during the Closing. But a new threat has been awakened by the expected arrival of new blood which will open the gateway for an ancient evil to return to Velesi. She is called The Talion Witch, and she will stop at nothing to take vengeance against those who exiled her to the realm of Pathen. Unfortunately for our heroes, one of their own possesses the new blood and the Talion Witch is killing all who stand in her way to get it. However, before they can get to the Witch, they must first face the deadly, but beautiful, Sister Assassins and a horde of shimodos—demon dogs.

Welcome to Pathen.

~ * ~ * ~

And the adventure begins...

The Greaneth Series: Book 1 - The Talion Witch will be available on Amazon for Kindle November 25, 2015. Pre-order is now available on Amazon.

A special thank you to Ms. Char Adles for another fabulous cover! You can reach this amazing talent at wicked_cover_deisng@ymail.com. Char is one the sweetest artist I have had the pleasure of working with.

Until next time, good reading to all!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

1st Week $20 Gift Card

It's The Talion Witch Thursday! As I mentioned in my earlier post, for the next 5 weeks there will be a $20 Amazon Gift Card give-away. This will happen every Thursday. And, to add to that, I'll post snippets from the upcoming book. For your chance to win the gift card, Comment, Like and Share this post. The winners will be announced on the following Mondays.

"I’m on my feet and on the move. Even though I can outrun the beasts, the lamb reminds me that it came from somewhere—somewhere, where there are people."

Alorn Luna
The Talion Witch

PS: Please note that depending on the level of your FB security, your post may not be available for me to look at even though you've Shared. This is all FB and not me...so, just a heads up. If I can't see it, I can't call it.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

And the winners are....

I want to thank everyone who participated in last weeks promotion. My goal was to hit 2,500 downloads of the trilogy...we hit 7,100! I'm so grateful! Thank you so very much.

The winners are listed below. Please, be sure to message me your email address (at www.facebook.com/LFilloon) so that I can gift you the ebook of The Talion Witch upon its release. Congratulations to all the winners...and to everyone who participated...you're the best!  Mucho love!  

- Jodie Hinnen
- Yna Marie Ascarez
- Sandi Thrush
- Nick L.
- Mariella Salvemini
- Ken Boone
- Regina Severdia-Metzger
- Allana Townsend
- C'Patrick Simacio
- Meryl Wright

Until next time, good reading to all!