Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Promotion Game

I think I've hit every free website that will promote or advertise your book.  There are many, and they all want you to become a member.  I read one post from another writer who said, "you need to spend as much time promoting your product as you do writing...".  Honestly, I think you spend more time promoting.

I seem to be hooking up with other writers, but what I'm not getting are the readers for my genre.  Still trying to learn how to do that.  Yet, it seems that before I can get to that stage, I need to continue to dig through all the websites, all the posting on those website and through tons of self promotion from other writers.

There are great writers out there.  Millions.  And, to try to promote one book amongst the greats, is daunting.  However, I persevere and keep going.  You never know, hopefully all the hard work will payoff.

My next postings, I promise will focus on The Binding.  I've been getting a lot of questions from some of my readers on the characters, especially about Cessa.  She seems to be a favorite among them.  I'm a cat person myself, so yeah, I can see why.

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon


  1. You're so right...the real work begins after you wrote your book" the endless promotion." They say even published authors have to do that.I often feel the same that I'm wasting my time on all those free websites.What good is connecting with other -competing-authors? I found most of them not interested in buying my book. So we have to find our target market.Good luck, Siggy

  2. I am working on finishing a complete book of my own. I started reading some time back about how to go about publishing traditionally, and writing book proposals, but gave up, waiting until I am at least closer to finishing my book. I found in reading that a lot of useful info on how to find your target audience because you two raise a good point, in that, a lot of our network of fellow writers aren't going to buy our book. Believe me, I want to support every one of you, but I'm a dirt poor writer ya' know?

    I really want to finish the book and get it out there but am daunted by what comes next. Explaining to friends and family how I invested so much time in this for possibly such a small return. Jus' kiddin', the book will probably sell itself like a million copies. I can dream, can't I?

    1. Hell yeah, you can! And, I'm right there with you, Brother! I'm looking forward to your book...even though you're being very secretive about the details, but no worries, we dirt poor writers are passionate about work and selfish with our storylines until we're ready to release it upon the world...LOL! ;) Keep in touch and let me know when your book is published, I'll be one of the first in line to get it.