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The Binding - New Year's Promo!

Good news!  In two days...Amazon will host a five day promo for a free download of The Binding - Book 1 of The Velesi Trilogy.

Been wanting to start on the Velesi Trilogy?  Well here's your chance to get the first installment, The Binding...for free!  From January 1 - 5 the book that started it all for Tharin and Lily will be free on Amazon (for Kindle).  Mark your calendars and share the news!

Get your free copy of the first installment of The Velesi Trilogy here and enjoy!

Until next time, good reading to all!

Friday, December 28, 2012

5 Star Review on Amazon

It's a wonderful feeling when I receive amazing reviews from readers everywhere, but there's something to be said about receiving a review from an established and popular author.  Thank you Mr. Paul R. Hewlett for a radiant review on The Binding.

Until the next time, good reading to all!

5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it!December 21, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The Binding (The Velesi Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)
I loved The Binding by L. Filloon. I read a review on B00kr3vi3ws and knew I had to read it. I wasn't quite sure what I was in for, but jumped in with both feet. I wondered how the story would play out as I realized it was being told from two different viewpoints, alternating chapters. The result: AWESOME! I fell in love with Lily and found her to a genuine, caring, sweet character that I rooted and pulled for. In fact I loved all the characters and the story... Wow! The depth of the plot and detail of the story is phenomenal. I love everything about The Binding and I highly recommend all fantasy fans pick this book up now! The only good thing about me taking forever to read it is that now book 2 is out and I don't have to wait to read it!

L. Filloon is an author to watch in 2013 and I for one am excited to read more from her.

Paul R. Hewlett

Monday, December 24, 2012

Season's Greetings!

Wishing all my friends, family and fans who celebrate Christmas a very Merry Christmas and to all a wonderful Holiday! I'll be back after the new year, so have a blessed and Happy New Years!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Between The Lines - A Review

It's amazing when I come across reviews by bloggers that I've yet to meet or make a connection with.  However, when they land on my desk I can't help but first squeal like a little girl and then dance (sitting down version) like Snoopy on crack.  Check out the review from Blogger Kristerrn with Between The Lines.  Love it!

Stop by and take a look and while you're at it...enjoy!  Oh, and leave a comment!

Thank you, Kristerrn!!!

Until next time, good reading to all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank you.

I want to thank everyone for being a part of The Velesi Realm and joining me on my journey into their world.  I am grateful for your support and for your honesty (and frustration - to be that frustrated by a character is a testament to your connection with him/her).  For allowing Tharin, Lily, Tolan, Julia, Alorn, Phoris, Mellis and, of course, Cessa to be a part of your world, if for only a blink of an eye in a lifetime.  Thank you.

From my family to yours...have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

Much love,
L. Filloon  YY

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lionel's Grand Adventure Blog Tour!

I'm hosting my very first blog tour!  And I couldn't be more honored to introduce Lionel in Lionel's Grand Adventure by Paul R. Hewlett.  Go to the Blog Tour page and meet this precocious young man in his many adventures, including the now available Lionel's Christmas Adventure, in his own sit down interview.  Take a look and enjoy!

If you're looking for clean, fun books full of adventure for your little ones, don't miss this.  There's also a raffle for a free give-away, so head over to the Blog Tours page and participate!

Leave a comment and tell him I sent you!

Until next time, good reading to all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Drifting - Available Now!!

“Welcome to Velesi, Princess.”

It is Lily’s first day in the Velesi realm but not as the princess she was made to believe, but as a captive to a strange Lithi elf name Ziri – Tharin and Tolan’s mysterious brother. Who is he and why has he taken her? Or is he only a pawn in someone’s deadly game of chess?

Tharin and Lily discover a prophecy involving the Unnamed Sidhe and a way back to Eirrell, the birthplace of the Thirteen Clans. However, before they can get to the doorway to Eirrell, Lily must first make it to the Day of the Seating to take her rightful place on the throne of the Willow Clan.

Tharin must keep Lily safe until the Day of the Seating even if it means keeping the beautiful Sidhe warrior Kalis close to him. Will he be able to protect his naive, but stubborn bride-to-be not just from Harlu but from his warrior mistress? He once again turns to his brother and cousins, to only find that Tolan has his own problems with his feisty Julia.

Thank goodness for the future king of Velesi that he has Phoris, Alorn and Mellis to cover his royal back.

Welcome to Velesi, a realm existing alongside our own with their own rules, their own players and their own way of life.

Book II now available on for Kindle. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Teaser #7

Photo sent by Kimberly Iverson. 
Retrieved from Paranormal Zone FB page.
 This isn't exactly how I wanted this to go, but it seems that I've pushed her into a corner where panic is her only response.  I stand and walk over to her as she sways in place, her eyes large and distant. 

I take her by the shoulders, "Lily, snap out of it." 

Tharin - The Drifting

Until next time, good reading to all!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Reader's Image of Lily

This photo was sent to me by a reader, the artist unknown, but I found its image on MySpace (again no artist listed) called Mountain Ice Warrior.  She doesn't look much like a warrior, but there is strength's how I would see Lily.  Unassuming, beautiful and very much human.

Thank you Cherise for the's lovely.  And yes, please forward your images of what you believe the characters would look like.  I think it's fun to see what you see as you read about them.

Until next time, good reading to all!

Teaser #6

Neha requested another teaser, so here you go:

The old woman sticks her head through the window, looking down at me, “Tsk. That’s not very ladylike, Lily. Please, do get up and cover yourself.”
“I don’t know,” says a masculine voice from the door. “She looks pretty good from here.”

Lily - The Drifting 

Until next time, good reading to all!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Drifting - Release Date

Due to a specific change to the story line, the new and official release date for The Drifting is November 9, 2012. I've been working hard to make this book exactly right, and I'm very happy with the product. You guys deserve the best. For you loyal readers, I have a surprise! Introducing the new cover for The Drifting.

“Welcome to Velesi, Princess.”

It is Lily’s first day in the Velesi realm but not as the princess she was made to believe, but as a captive to a strange Lithi elf name Ziri – Tharin and Tolan’s mysterious brother.   Who is he and why has he taken her?  Or is he only a pawn in someone’s deadly game of chess?

Tharin and Lily discover a prophecy involving the Unnamed Sidhe and a way back to Eirrell, the birthplace of the Thirteen Clans.  However, before they can get to the doorway to Eirrell, Lily must first make it to the Day of the Seating to take her rightful place on the throne of the Willow Clan.

Tharin must keep Lily safe until the Day of the Seating even if it means keeping the beautiful Sidhe warrior Kalis close to him.  Will he be able to protect his naive, but stubborn bride-to-be not just from Harlu but from his warrior mistress?  He once again turns to his brother and cousins, to only find that Tolan has his own problems with his feisty Julia.

Thank goodness for the future king of Velesi that he has Phoris, Alorn and Mellis to cover his royal back. 

Welcome to Velesi, a realm existing alongside our own with their own rules, their own players and their own way of life.

Many thanks to Char Adlesperger for the wonderful work on the cover.

Until next time, good reading to all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A fan of The Binding contacted me asking if I could posts The Drifting teasers from my FaceBook page onto the blog site .  So, this is for Tiara Glover...enjoy!  

  • Teaser #1:  Lily - August 20
    • "I need to calm down so I can think of a way to escape, to find my way back to Tharin." 

  • Teaser #2:  Tharin - August 28
    • "I know now that even if we weren’t bound by the Binding, she will always be the one." 

  • Teaser #3:  Lily - September 4
    • "I stand shivering as he takes his time looking me over. His silent assessment becomes uncomfortable and without thinking I say, 'Ple...please don’t call me that. My name is Lily.'" 

  • Teaser #4:  Tharin - September 16
    • “We need to take out the kikta,” I say as I scan the area to pinpoint the witch’s location. The three humans and one orc surround us, leaving the kikta alone. Not good. A witch who needs no protection during a fight is either experienced, powerful, or both. Not good at all.       “I have her, Tharin,” came Tolan’s quiet thought.

  • Teaser #5:  Lily - September 22
    • "With his free arm he wraps it around one of my knees and yanks me forward, so I’m now straddling him in an upright position. He tries to hold me still as I continue to struggle. With one smooth move he turns us over, slamming me to the ground, knocking the wind out of me."

Until next time, good reading to all!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Teasers on FaceBook

I was just made aware that most who visit this page are not aware that I post teasers on my FB author page.  So if you want to take a quick peek at what's coming in The Drifting, stop by at and take a look.

I'm also very excited about the cover for Book 2.  If all changes and edits are done during this next round, I should have the new cover posted by the end of the week.  Again, I'll post updates on FB from this point forward (just can't wait to share with you).

One other thing, the image above is one I found at (uploaded by spider22sr) that I thought came the closest to what Harlu would look like.  Imagine a (very) female version with human ears and you have Lily.

Until next time, good reading to all.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet a truly talented young writer...

As an indie author I support all indie authors of all ages, shape, color and creed. They have poured their hearts and soul into their writing, opening worlds that some of us can only dream of. So when I come across a promising young talent, I can't help but share it with everyone I know. Meet McKenzie Ellen Jones. Take a journey to her wattpad page and read some amazing writing from a writer of only 15 years of age. It's talent such as hers that we need to support and continue to keep the doorways open to new and exciting worlds. Keep an eye out for this one...she's going places.

Page: 13 like this

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Drifting - Excerpt #1

~ Lily ~

Without thinking, I swat his hand away when he reaches toward my face.  Holding my breath, I freeze, waiting for the first strike to come. He gives me a raised brow instead and actually smiles.  Somehow that scares me more than if he had struck me. He reaches out again, this time it takes everything I have not to flinch. Instead of touching my cheek, however, he reaches for my hair. With a quick movement, he flicks it back and takes hold of my ear, slowly tracing its outline. His hands are large and rough, but his touch is gentle. I start to shiver, not so much from the rain and cold, but from fear.

Removing his hand, he stares down at me, “Don’t worry, Princess. I promise not to hurt you as long as you do as I say."

~ Tharin ~

I glance over at Julia as she continues to argue with Tolan. She has placed an invisible barrier distancing her from Tolan with each second that passes between them. She was the first to let go when we came through the doorway and immediately started calling for Lily. When I finally admitted to myself that Lily was nowhere near us, I found myself in this spot trying to calm my thoughts and search for Lily through the drift state. Not Julia, she continued to search frantically with Tolan close behind her. She fought him, lashing out even harder than when she first met him. She refused to give up, until Tolan had no other choice but to physically restrain her until she was able to calm down. Once she was calmed, Tolan convinced her we would find Lily, but we had to use our heads. He asked that she give us time to try and track Lily and Ziri, but each time she called out to Lily it would only let Ziri know our location. When she agreed, he released her. They’ve been arguing since. She wanted to know how we would track them in this rain, but most importantly, who Ziri was and why he took Lily.

The Drifting, Book 2 of The Velesi Trilogy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Binding Free Download

In preparing for the release of The Drifting free downloads of The Binding ebook will occur during the months of August and September only. 

August 15-16 on Amazon Kindle
August 17 on World Literary Cafe (WLC) through

September12 on Amazon Kindle

August's free download starts tomorrow at 12:01 am ending at 11:59 pm on Thursday evening.  The WLC has selected The Binding for their Free Download Friday's program.  Visit their site to get your code to (which includes ebook versions for the Nook and other ereaders).  And, September 12th will be the last free download for The Binding for 2012.  Take advantage of these offers and get your free ebook copies while they lasts.

And for those waiting for a glimpse of the Drifting...excerpts will be posted soon (like the end of the week).  :)


Until next time, good reading to all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gem of a Review - Paranormal Romance Guild

For the last few months The Binding has taken off nicely and I've received tons of emails, texts, tweets and messages through Goodreads, Twitter, FaceBook and at my email address from readers all over the world.  There are even messages through blogsites (not to mention my own) that have done reviews, interviews, guest spots and character reviews that I may not even know of unless the owner of the blog contacts me directly.  So much so that I've been contemplating hiring an assistant to help go through them all.  I try my best to reach out to everyone who has reached out to me, but I can only give so much time to them before I have to return to finishing book 2, The Drifting. 

Not only am I slow at getting to the all the emails, texts, tweets and messages but also with every review that has been done on the book.  Some of the reviews I know of as they were contacted either by my publicist or myself in order to get the book out there.  However, there are many more reviews out there that I don't know exists unless the reviewers send me a direct link.  Once discovered, though...I am always pleasantly surprise.  The following review was done by Chinyere Etufugh with the prestigious Paranormal Romance Guild.  Her (or his, as I don't know the reviewer personally and I can't tell by the name) take on The Binding is insightful, fun and they do hit their mark. 

I love this review and couldn't wait to share it with you.  I only wish that I came by it sooner.  Click on the PRG banner to take you directly to the review page.  My deepest gratitude to Chinyere Etufugh and the Paranormal Romance Guild.  Enjoy!

Until next time, good reading to all!

Monday, July 9, 2012

"What is it like to drift in a dream?" she asks.
"I don't know, nor do I care," he replies.
"Why?" she asks, a little sad.
"Why drift in a dream when I can walk beside you while I'm awake?"

                                                                                                            L. Filloon © 2012

 I am happy and excited to announce the second book of The Velesi Trilogy.  Scheduled to be released October 2012…

The Drifting

To celebrate the newly edited version of The Binding, I will have a two day promotion for a free download.  Get your your updated ebook edited by Ms. Hollie Westring, an amazing editor of indie-author books. 

The promotion starts tomorrow morning at 12:01 am and will end Wednesday at 11:59 pm.  Get your free copy before time runs out.

Enjoy and pass the word on about the free download.  :)

Until next time, good reading to all!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great news!  The Binding is now available on Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Readstreet sites for a limited time only.  Get your ebook copy at these sites while they are available until June 30th.  On July 1st it will be sold on only and will once again be available to Prime members for lending.

And, no worries, you can still get your Kindle copy through Amazon

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Thursday, June 14, 2012

End of Promo!

Today's promo was such a huge success!  Thank you everyone for helping get the word out.  I was suppose to cap the count at 1,000 free downloads, but I lost track of time.  Total download came to 1,055 units. 

Just a reminder:  My time with Amazon's KDP Select Program will end this month.  The Binding will be on sales on all other sites on June 21st.

Thank you again!

The Binding Free Promo Cap Off

Today's free download of The Binding is off with a great start!  Over 500 free downloads this morning and it's not even 10 am.  Because of the high volume downloaded so far, I will cap off the count at 1,000 copies.  So hurry and get your ebook copy while it lasts! 

Thank you everyone for the great love and support!  :)


Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Download of The Binding on Amazon!

My run on Amazon's KDP Select Program ends this month on the 20th.  To celebrate a great run during the 90 day program I'm ending it with a free download of The Binding for one day only - this Thursday, June 14th!

The Binding will become available on all other sites including Barnes & Nobles and every site associated with Smashwords. 

Thank you all for the support and enjoy!

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Checkout Declan Munro's thriller Nightingale Vale.  Free on Amazon June 3-4 only. 

"This taut thriller introduces the weird Lindsay family who have a secret in their attic."  D. Munro.

Nightingale Vale (Book) 

The Lindsey's are no ordinary family.

A slick, taut thriller with a gut wenching premise: No one is who you think they are.

Twisting and claustraphobic, ruthless killers carry out a series of gruesome murders. When a new tenant moves to creepy Nightingale Vale she hooks up with the disturbing Lindsey family, but are they the neighbours from hell?

A horrific net of deception and disguise is about to close in where no one is who they seem and nothing is as it appears. Smart, cool with a neat twist.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I want to thank Ms. Morgen Bailey for the wonderful and fun interview we shared.  Ms. Bailey is a writer, blogger and reviewer who was kind enough to take the time to showcase The Binding on her site.  Click on the top title banner to take you directly to the interview, and while your there, take a look around.  She has so much good stuff on her blog you wouldn't know where to start.

Enjoy the read, and a special thank you to Morgen!

Until the next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

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Lightning Book Promotions Summer Bash “Kindle Fire” Giveaway


All the authors participating in this great summer giveaway have novels for only .99! If you want a great read now is the time to get your hands on some really awesome books. You could get all these books for the same price as one paperback! If any of these books sound like something you would like to purchase please click on the links below! They would love to have your support.

You can ‘like’ us on face book or follow us on twitter. We would love to have you follow our blogs.  We want to reward some of our readers for taking a chance on us and reading our books so we are giving away a KINDLE FIRE along with some other great prizes! See details below.

Deadly Pleasuresby Mary Firmin

Silver Knight by Caron Rider

The Binding by L. Filloon

Enza by Kristy K. James

Higher Than An Eagle by Dennis Kitainik

No Rules of Engagement by Thomas Wilson
Whisper by Thomas Wilson

Facebook: Not sure yet

Enchantment by Charlotte Abel

Julia’s Song by Elyse Piece

Seeds of Discovery by Breeana Puttroff


The giveaway information and how to enter:

Grand Prize: 1 Kindle Fire
Other prizes: 2 $25 gift cards, 2 $15 gift cards, free print copies (not all authors have print copies)

To enter:

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Purchase a copy of the authors books for .99 +15 (for each book bought)
(If you decide to purchase the authors books please email a copy of your receipt to stormi@lightningbookpromotions so I can verify the purchase to add the points)


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Blog Tour for The Binding

I am so excited!  My first blog tour for The Binding presented by Lighting Books Promotions is scheduled to start at the end of the month (see schedule below).  Each host blogger will have their own take on the book whether in the form of a personal review, spotlight on the book with an excerpt, or a piece (ramblings) from me as Guest Blogger.  I'm very excited and I hope you're able to stop by each blog site and take a look.  Also, to show your support for the wonderful bloggers who are showcasing/hosting The Binding for one day, please leave them a comment and say 'Thanks'!  And, if you like their blog site...join in and be a member of their group!

Tour Schedule:

28th Sara @ So Simply Sara
29th Jamie @ Jamie's Culture Shock (guest post only)
30th McKenna @ Young at Heart
30th Shera @ Book Whispers
31st Claire @ Claire Reads

3rd Kelly @ Radiant Shadows
6th Shan @ Teatime Books

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you to Michelle at Ravelin's Sanctuary for a wonderful review on The Binding.  She has some great teasers from the book after her review.  I hope you take the time to get another point of view on The Binding and visit her blog while you're there!  Pretty awesome for anyone who is interested in YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy. 

Thank you Michelle and Ravelin's Sanctuary! 

Click on the top banner to take you directly to Ravelin's Sanctuary review page of The Binding.

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blacksilver Press - The Binding by L. Filloon
 Posted by on 18 April 2012
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I'd like to introduce you to Michael Beeman, key holder and master of Blacksilver Press.  Michael has posted a review of The Binding on his site and I'd like to share it with you.  It's entertaining and, in my opinion, hits the mark.  :)

Click on the title above to take you directly to Michael's review page of The Binding.  Enjoy! 

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Monday, April 16, 2012

I want to give a special thank you to Ruby for an astute analysis of The Binding.  She gives a different perspective of the story of Lily and Tharin, and I'm humbled by her gracious review!  Thank you, Ruby!

Like all the reviewers for The Binding, I have not the honor to meet any of them in person, but I am personally grateful to them for taking a chance on The Binding and giving it read.  And, to sweeten the pot even more, to receive high ratings from them.  It is quite humbling and I thank you all!

Click on the banner above to take you to Ruby's page with The Binding review directly.  Enjoy!

If you love the review, here's your chance to get a free ebook download from!  Starting tomorrow (4/17) and through Wednesday (4/18) you can get your ebook of The Binding for FREE!  Click on the button to the left to take you directly to The Binding's Amazon page. 

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I want to thank Laurie with 'Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews' for hosting the character interview for The Binding.  It was my first time doing a character interview with Tharin Lunar in the spotlight.  Speaking through Tharin's voice in this manner helped build his character and solidify his outlook about family, life, goals and Lily.  This was truly an amazing experience and I want to personally thank Laurie for the opportunity to showcase a wonderful character.

Thank you Laurie! 

Click on the banner above to take you directly to the interview page.  I hope you enjoy and have fun reading Tharin's interview as much as I did!

Until the next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Monday, April 2, 2012

Interview with A 5 Star Review!

I want to thank Ms. Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay who is the owner and blogger of the Book R3VI3WS!  Debdatta not only set me up for an interview on her blog site but also gave The Binding a 5 Star rating!  Click on the above flyer to take you directly to the interview and review page. 

Thank you Debdatta for taking a chance on The Binding and giving it your highest rating! 

Enjoy and good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Binding: Excerpt #3

~ Tharin ~

I sit patiently on the ledge just above where Lily and Julia wait.  It was agreed that Tolan would go down first and climb back up with Julia.  There are several ledges along the way up where we can stop to rest if needed before making it to the shelter near the top.
I watch as Tolan lands at the bottom and how both Julia and Lily run to him.  That pang hits me again and I throw my hands up in disgust.  When Tolan leans down to give Julia a kiss and then turns around and kisses Lily, I’m ready to leap down and toss my brother a mile out.  I take a deep breath and calm down as I watch Julia try for the second time to get on Tolan’s back.  When Tolan reaches me, he stops long enough to wink at me.  Even with the mask on, and the wind blowing, I can hear him laughing. 
I wait until they are a little further up before looking down.  I watch as Lily leans back against the wall and slips down to the ground.  I think for a minute about how to proceed.  She told me not to touch her again, in fact she told me to leave her alone.  What am I going to do, leave her here?  I could have sent Phoris to bring her up, but I almost went crazy just seeing her hugging Tolan, not to mention when he purposely kissed her knowing I would be watching.
I sigh, grabbing hold of the rope and slip quietly down.  I stand and wait.  I watch her lost in her thoughts, biting on her lower lip, wondering what she’s thinking about.  I shake myself realizing I have to get her up before she freezes to death. 
I reach out to her, letting her know what I need to do to get her up the wall.  She startles when I interrupt her thoughts.  Before I know what she’s doing, she’s up and throwing her arms around me.  I’m stunned and thrown so off balance by her change of attitude that it takes me a second to acknowledge that she’s holding me.  I feel her shaking but I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold, or if she’s crying.  When I’m about to pull her back, I stop not sure if I should put my hands on her.  When she finally looks up at me there are tears in her eyes.  When she whispers that she’s sorry, I know she means it...and all is right again.  The way she’s looking at me, the feel of her against me, I wrap her close and it’s too much for me to hold back.
I lift her mask exposing her mouth.  Her eyes grow wide as I lower my head, and finally not able to wait any longer, I kiss her.  It only takes half a second to get her reaction, which is not what I expected.  Her body goes limp and her arms drop to her side.  Lily is out cold.  Damn.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Crowfoot Mountain Glacier


Monday, March 12, 2012

The Final Bookcover!

Well, it has been a long journey, but we are finally here!  Drum roll please...ta da! 

I am extemely happy with the final cover and wanted to share it with all of you.  Those who have read The Binding knows that the young girl is Lily.  She is wearing the Willow Clan royal gown that Tharin sees her wearing in his vision during the The Binding.  And, of course we all know who the cat is...Cessa! 

I love the new cover...just love it!  The artist, Majank Verstraete is also a writer of Young Paranormal books who lives in Belgium.  If you're interested in seeing more of Majanka's work, you can contact her at  She is amazing...and I mean that as in putting up with my many, many, many demands and changes.  Love her!

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Twitter Calleth...

Well, I tried to resist as long as I could, but I am now on Twitter!  I actually thought it would be harder, quite the opposite...and like everyone else I can now 'tweet' from my phone.  We will see how this goes considering I could only remember two people I know with Twitter and selected three others at random that I am now a total of five.  We'll see if that list grows. 

You can now follow me at @LFilloon.  In fact, send me your Twitter name and I will follow you.  Seems fair enough.  This should be fun...hey, if Letterman can do it, so can I.  I will be damn if I let him get one over on me (besides his millions, of course).

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Read An Ebook Week at Smashwords

I wanted to share with you that Smashwords annual Read An Ebook Week is coming up and The Binding is included in their line-up of free ebook downloads.  The promotion kicks off March 4th through March 10th.  It's only one of two regular sales that they do each year (the other is the annual Summer/Winter sale in July).  Previous sales have been known to crash the Smashwords web site from the flood of customers, so be sure to get in early if you can. 

Take advantage of this Read An Ebook Week for it will feature some amazing ebooks...including The Binding.  Click here to take you to the page for easy navigating.

Enjoy the reading of ebooks!  

Until next time, good reading all!
L. Filloon

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Download of The Binding on Smashwords

Get a free ebook copy of The Binding at Smashwords!  When checking out, enter Coupon No. LA38P to get your free copy.  Click on the Smashwords link to the right and it will take you directly to The Binding page.  The coupon offer ends February 29, 2012. 

Until next time, good reading all!
L. Filloon

Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Review Is In!

Several book reviewers were sent a copy of The Binding by Stormi Johnson and the first one is in.  Indie Books / Book Lover Stop posted their review this morning and you can read it here

As a follow-up to their review and their request to be on the reviewers' list for the upcoming series, book two is now in the works and should be out by end of summer, early fall 2012.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interview with SOS Aloha!
I did my first interview with Kim and the SOS Aloha team.  I wasn't sure what to expect, and it being my first interview, I'll admit...I was nervous.  I found it difficult to accept the idea about opening up to a stranger who was about to ask questions that I may not have the answers to or be willing to give.  But, Kim made it very easy and before I knew it, I was sharing more than I thought I would!  It was actually fun and enjoyable, and glad that it was with someone like Kim and the SOS Aloha team who eased my way into my first author interview...and get that first one out of the way. 

Thank you Kim and SOS Aloha for a great experience and expanding my OHANA (family); and especially thank you for highlighting The Binding!  SOS Aloha is also doing a free give-away of ebook copies of The Binding.  But hurry, the give-away supply is limited.

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Binding: Excerpt #2

“It’s only a scratch, why did she collapse?” asks Tolan.  I look over at my brother thankful for once that he disobeyed my wishes to be alone with Lily.  I shake my head unsure.
“I don’t know for certain,” I reply.  “She passed out more at the sight of you, than from any wound that I can see.”
“Well, that’s not very flattering, especially when I’m better looking than you are,” Tolan says searching her face, “She is beautiful.  She doesn’t seem to have the height, but she has her mother’s coloring.  There’s no mistake that she’s Senestra’s daughter.  Her brother being here further confirms it.”
“Thanks to you he didn’t succeed in killing her.  I suppose Velesi owes you a debt, brother.”  I continue to look at the girl and the feeling of having a connection with her slowly nags at me.  This pisses me off.  I don’t want any connection to her. 
“And you, you also owe me a debt.” says Tolan, breaking into my thoughts.  After a moment he adds quietly, “You know that Kalis was never meant to be in your future.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lily Michaels

At first blush, there is not much to Lily when she is first introduced.  She has turned eighteen two days earlier, recently graduated from high school and has not given much thought to her future.  

I will be honest, if any of the characters are difficult to write about, it would be Lily.  She is complicated in so many ways, that a sense of connection with her is problematic.  Gradually, layer by layer, she is exposed through the life changing events that occurred before she learned to walk and through her present life that is dictated by a past she does not recognize as her own. 

There are times when the layers peel off on their own accord, at other times they are controlled by the situation at hand.  Examples are her excitement and fear over her newly found abilities; unfamiliar and confusing emotions for the mysterious Sidhe prince; a fierce commitment and love for her brother Lucas and her subconscious determination to stay emotionally detached from her unknown parents.  The wall she has built around herself is slowly chipped away revealing a frightened and lonely girl who only wants to be able to connect...with anyone.

Can Lily rule by Tharin's side as queen of the Thirteen Clans of Velesi?  She has her doubts.  And why shouldn't she?  She not only has to learn their ways, but she will have to fight off "an evil older than time", keep a protective eye out for her best friend Julia, learn how to command her newly attained ability to drift, stay a step ahead of an assassin group call the Ange, and all the while try not to look like a fool in Tharin's eyes.  And, in the end, she will face a new dangerous player who takes her from Tharin's side.

Oh, and then there's Cessa, Tharin's cat.  Briefly introduced in THE BINDING Cessa will have a major role to play in Lily's life in the followup book.

Meet Lily Michaels.  An halfling elf who everyone wants, but not always with good intentions.

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon