Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Binding: Excerpt #3

~ Tharin ~

I sit patiently on the ledge just above where Lily and Julia wait.  It was agreed that Tolan would go down first and climb back up with Julia.  There are several ledges along the way up where we can stop to rest if needed before making it to the shelter near the top.
I watch as Tolan lands at the bottom and how both Julia and Lily run to him.  That pang hits me again and I throw my hands up in disgust.  When Tolan leans down to give Julia a kiss and then turns around and kisses Lily, I’m ready to leap down and toss my brother a mile out.  I take a deep breath and calm down as I watch Julia try for the second time to get on Tolan’s back.  When Tolan reaches me, he stops long enough to wink at me.  Even with the mask on, and the wind blowing, I can hear him laughing. 
I wait until they are a little further up before looking down.  I watch as Lily leans back against the wall and slips down to the ground.  I think for a minute about how to proceed.  She told me not to touch her again, in fact she told me to leave her alone.  What am I going to do, leave her here?  I could have sent Phoris to bring her up, but I almost went crazy just seeing her hugging Tolan, not to mention when he purposely kissed her knowing I would be watching.
I sigh, grabbing hold of the rope and slip quietly down.  I stand and wait.  I watch her lost in her thoughts, biting on her lower lip, wondering what she’s thinking about.  I shake myself realizing I have to get her up before she freezes to death. 
I reach out to her, letting her know what I need to do to get her up the wall.  She startles when I interrupt her thoughts.  Before I know what she’s doing, she’s up and throwing her arms around me.  I’m stunned and thrown so off balance by her change of attitude that it takes me a second to acknowledge that she’s holding me.  I feel her shaking but I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold, or if she’s crying.  When I’m about to pull her back, I stop not sure if I should put my hands on her.  When she finally looks up at me there are tears in her eyes.  When she whispers that she’s sorry, I know she means it...and all is right again.  The way she’s looking at me, the feel of her against me, I wrap her close and it’s too much for me to hold back.
I lift her mask exposing her mouth.  Her eyes grow wide as I lower my head, and finally not able to wait any longer, I kiss her.  It only takes half a second to get her reaction, which is not what I expected.  Her body goes limp and her arms drop to her side.  Lily is out cold.  Damn.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Crowfoot Mountain Glacier


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