Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet a truly talented young writer...

As an indie author I support all indie authors of all ages, shape, color and creed. They have poured their hearts and soul into their writing, opening worlds that some of us can only dream of. So when I come across a promising young talent, I can't help but share it with everyone I know. Meet McKenzie Ellen Jones. Take a journey to her wattpad page and read some amazing writing from a writer of only 15 years of age. It's talent such as hers that we need to support and continue to keep the doorways open to new and exciting worlds. Keep an eye out for this one...she's going places.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Drifting - Excerpt #1

~ Lily ~

Without thinking, I swat his hand away when he reaches toward my face.  Holding my breath, I freeze, waiting for the first strike to come. He gives me a raised brow instead and actually smiles.  Somehow that scares me more than if he had struck me. He reaches out again, this time it takes everything I have not to flinch. Instead of touching my cheek, however, he reaches for my hair. With a quick movement, he flicks it back and takes hold of my ear, slowly tracing its outline. His hands are large and rough, but his touch is gentle. I start to shiver, not so much from the rain and cold, but from fear.

Removing his hand, he stares down at me, “Don’t worry, Princess. I promise not to hurt you as long as you do as I say."

~ Tharin ~

I glance over at Julia as she continues to argue with Tolan. She has placed an invisible barrier distancing her from Tolan with each second that passes between them. She was the first to let go when we came through the doorway and immediately started calling for Lily. When I finally admitted to myself that Lily was nowhere near us, I found myself in this spot trying to calm my thoughts and search for Lily through the drift state. Not Julia, she continued to search frantically with Tolan close behind her. She fought him, lashing out even harder than when she first met him. She refused to give up, until Tolan had no other choice but to physically restrain her until she was able to calm down. Once she was calmed, Tolan convinced her we would find Lily, but we had to use our heads. He asked that she give us time to try and track Lily and Ziri, but each time she called out to Lily it would only let Ziri know our location. When she agreed, he released her. They’ve been arguing since. She wanted to know how we would track them in this rain, but most importantly, who Ziri was and why he took Lily.

The Drifting, Book 2 of The Velesi Trilogy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Binding Free Download

In preparing for the release of The Drifting free downloads of The Binding ebook will occur during the months of August and September only. 

August 15-16 on Amazon Kindle
August 17 on World Literary Cafe (WLC) through

September12 on Amazon Kindle

August's free download starts tomorrow at 12:01 am ending at 11:59 pm on Thursday evening.  The WLC has selected The Binding for their Free Download Friday's program.  Visit their site to get your code to (which includes ebook versions for the Nook and other ereaders).  And, September 12th will be the last free download for The Binding for 2012.  Take advantage of these offers and get your free ebook copies while they lasts.

And for those waiting for a glimpse of the Drifting...excerpts will be posted soon (like the end of the week).  :)


Until next time, good reading to all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gem of a Review - Paranormal Romance Guild

For the last few months The Binding has taken off nicely and I've received tons of emails, texts, tweets and messages through Goodreads, Twitter, FaceBook and at my email address from readers all over the world.  There are even messages through blogsites (not to mention my own) that have done reviews, interviews, guest spots and character reviews that I may not even know of unless the owner of the blog contacts me directly.  So much so that I've been contemplating hiring an assistant to help go through them all.  I try my best to reach out to everyone who has reached out to me, but I can only give so much time to them before I have to return to finishing book 2, The Drifting. 

Not only am I slow at getting to the all the emails, texts, tweets and messages but also with every review that has been done on the book.  Some of the reviews I know of as they were contacted either by my publicist or myself in order to get the book out there.  However, there are many more reviews out there that I don't know exists unless the reviewers send me a direct link.  Once discovered, though...I am always pleasantly surprise.  The following review was done by Chinyere Etufugh with the prestigious Paranormal Romance Guild.  Her (or his, as I don't know the reviewer personally and I can't tell by the name) take on The Binding is insightful, fun and they do hit their mark. 

I love this review and couldn't wait to share it with you.  I only wish that I came by it sooner.  Click on the PRG banner to take you directly to the review page.  My deepest gratitude to Chinyere Etufugh and the Paranormal Romance Guild.  Enjoy!

Until next time, good reading to all!