Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Reader's Image of Lily

This photo was sent to me by a reader, the artist unknown, but I found its image on MySpace (again no artist listed) called Mountain Ice Warrior.  She doesn't look much like a warrior, but there is strength's how I would see Lily.  Unassuming, beautiful and very much human.

Thank you Cherise for the's lovely.  And yes, please forward your images of what you believe the characters would look like.  I think it's fun to see what you see as you read about them.

Until next time, good reading to all!

Teaser #6

Neha requested another teaser, so here you go:

The old woman sticks her head through the window, looking down at me, “Tsk. That’s not very ladylike, Lily. Please, do get up and cover yourself.”
“I don’t know,” says a masculine voice from the door. “She looks pretty good from here.”

Lily - The Drifting 

Until next time, good reading to all!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Drifting - Release Date

Due to a specific change to the story line, the new and official release date for The Drifting is November 9, 2012. I've been working hard to make this book exactly right, and I'm very happy with the product. You guys deserve the best. For you loyal readers, I have a surprise! Introducing the new cover for The Drifting.

“Welcome to Velesi, Princess.”

It is Lily’s first day in the Velesi realm but not as the princess she was made to believe, but as a captive to a strange Lithi elf name Ziri – Tharin and Tolan’s mysterious brother.   Who is he and why has he taken her?  Or is he only a pawn in someone’s deadly game of chess?

Tharin and Lily discover a prophecy involving the Unnamed Sidhe and a way back to Eirrell, the birthplace of the Thirteen Clans.  However, before they can get to the doorway to Eirrell, Lily must first make it to the Day of the Seating to take her rightful place on the throne of the Willow Clan.

Tharin must keep Lily safe until the Day of the Seating even if it means keeping the beautiful Sidhe warrior Kalis close to him.  Will he be able to protect his naive, but stubborn bride-to-be not just from Harlu but from his warrior mistress?  He once again turns to his brother and cousins, to only find that Tolan has his own problems with his feisty Julia.

Thank goodness for the future king of Velesi that he has Phoris, Alorn and Mellis to cover his royal back. 

Welcome to Velesi, a realm existing alongside our own with their own rules, their own players and their own way of life.

Many thanks to Char Adlesperger for the wonderful work on the cover.

Until next time, good reading to all!