Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Potential Lily?

Jennifer Benedick Milan, a fan of the Velesi Trilogy loved the idea of Jennifer Connelly for the role of Senestra.  She also thought that Katie McGrath of the Merlin TV series would make a good Lily.  Here are some shots of Ms. McGrath, and I have to say...having the green gown helps picture her as our young Willow queen.



I like her for it, although, of course, she would have to wear tinted lenses as Lily has light amber eyes. It also helps that she resembles Ms. Connelly with her dark hair, light eyes and flawless skin.  I can see the mother-daughter scene between the two.  

Thanks, Jennifer, for the suggestion.  

So, what do you think?  Do you have someone in mind that might fit the role of Lily?

Until the next time, good reading to all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book 3 - Teaser #1

July is five months off...waayyy off.  So, thought I would give you the first teaser from Book 3.  Enjoy!

"I see the fire in her eyes and the determined set of her mouth. She points a finger at my chest, a habit she has, and says, "I don't care who you are or what I'm going to be in your life. I will leave whenever I feel like it." 
Chris Hemsworth & Natalie Portman - Marvel/Paramount's Thor
She turns to go, but I catch her by the arm. She attempts to struggle from my grip as I pull her to me, catching her lips with my own. She's still for a moment, and a moment is all it takes as she leans into me, allowing me to support her weight. I savor the moment, and a relief overcomes me that is so great it almost knocks me off my feet. And my world is right once again."
Tharin - Book 3 of The Velesi Trilogy

Until next time, good reading to all!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Senestra of the Willow Clan

I've been asked many times of who I thought would play the characters from the Velesi trilogy.  To be honest, I am at a lost who would play the seven main characters (Tharin, Lily, Tolan and Julia, Mellis, Phoris and Alorn).  However, I was with a friend when Jennifer Connelly's name came up as a possible Senestra.  So, we pulled up images of Ms. Connelly, and I have to say, I truly like her for the role as Queen of the Willow Clan.

In the garden scene when Lily is about to meet her mother for the first time, along with these lines, "She appears from the darkness like an angel in flight.  She rushes forward, throwing her arms around me, holding on fiercely."  It is Ms. Connelly's face that I see.

I have visions of what my characters look like.  It's interesting trying to put actual faces to those of fantasy and fiction.  Quite fun.

Until next time, good reading to all.