Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Dearest Mellis...

Fenrris Pictures - Character form Age 2
By: Yue
It's no surprise that Mellis is a favorite.  He is funny, lovable, loyal, caring, a warrior in his own right and a bad-ass when he needs to be.

He is easily one to fall in love with.  I can see some lucky lady having him for a mate and laughing throughout their entire relationship.  And she would, too, as I can see Tharin's youngest cousin to be a one woman elf.

A reader from Italy sent a personal request to have a spin-off with this favorite elf of the Velesi realm.  She, along with  many others.  It seems readers are more interested to read about his and Alorn's adventures in Pathen than any other story coming from Velesi, including The Dragon Seed series.

I assure you there will be a spin-off for the two warrior elves in the near future.  I do have two other projects I need to get out first, but I will at least have a base story line for our two heroes by the end of 2013.

Until then, good reading to all!


  1. YAY this makes me happy. I was so sad to see Alorn so heart broken and I must admit Mellis is a favorite so that will be a fun're great. I never re-read a book it never is as interesting the second time and I will tell you I re-read the first two books so that I wouldn't be lost reading the whispering and I enjoyed every second. I have read at least over 300 novels and these are the first re-reads ;-)

    1. PL -

      Thank you so much, I am just speechless at such a compliment. I'm very honored and humbled by your words. I have two projects to complete before starting on the spin off series for Alorn and Mellis. I can't wait to reacquaint with the cousins. :)

      Thanks for giving the books a chance and for becoming a fan. Stop by again, anytime.

      Take care!