Friday, August 23, 2013

Kabba - The UnderRealm Demon Warden

When I first created Kabba, the demon warden of the UnderRealm, I had a clear picture of what he would look like.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Kabba's background story is that he once was a warrior, a general in Kolinest's army.  When Ka banished his brother to the UnderRealm, he also sent Kabba with him.   At the time Ka was strong enough to imprison both with the help of Sema and the Ancients.  However, while Ka aged through the centuries after the Rendering, Kolinest and Kabba grew stronger in the UnderRealm feeding off their hate for Velesi's "Greatest King".

Imprisoned for millennia, Kabba lost all that he held as a warrior elf and became one of the most feared demon second only to Kolinest.  Twisted by his fate, Kabba swore he would return with his king and wipe out the entire Lunar clan starting with Ka.  Although he reveled in his position, meting out pain and suffering upon other demons, his hate beats within his chest constantly reminding him who put him there in the first place.

When Kolinest shared his vision of destroying the Velesi realm, Kabba agreed without hesitation.  But Kolinest knew the demon warden was unpredictable and volatile; so to keep Kabba on a short least, Kolinest cast a ward on the demon to keep him under his control.  The hold Kolinest had on Kabba was broken by the Unnamed Sidhe, just before he killed the demon warden.

Until next time, good reading to all.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dorlan...Alorn Who?

RPG Crossing Character - Artist:  Air EB (?)
Entered by Jesse (Great Wyrm) - 2010
There is much mystery surrounding Alorn's older brother, Dorlan, the Assassin for the Dark Elves. Is he on a mission for the late King Thilthen? Or has he truly become one with his adoptive race, the Sithide?

There  are many questions in regards to his  relationship to Kalis in The Whispering.  However, when we were first introduced to him, it was mentioned that he is married to the daughter of the queen of the Sithide. Being married to the princess of the Dark Elves has its the queen's ear.

There is a great deal of mystery about Dorlan, and we will learn more of him when he goes to Pathen in search of his brother, the Warrior Elf.

Until next time, Good reading to all!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ziri Lunar, The Lithi

By Jackomack 2012-2013
Ziri is Tharin's and Tolan's younger half-brother. Although he has the same moral trait of the twins, his Lithi blood stood him out physically.

When we first met Ziri in The Binding, he was an element to the story that could have gone either way. I am glad he became the character he is and have embedded himself into the Velesi story and into the hearts of readers.

I like Ziri...a lot. There was a time when I played with the idea of having something between Lily and Ziri. However, as his character formed I knew that unlike Alorn, Ziri's personality and character would not have been able to stand up to Lily. As her powers grew so did she. She needed someone with Tharin's stature to teach and allow her to grow into her own, and be strong and mature enough to protect her naivete and insecurities. I didn't feel that Ziri would have been able to keep pace with her developments. However, Alorn is Tharin's twin when it comes to physical and emotional strength.

I also didn't plan on having Ziri in the story until the mountain scene in The Binding.  I wanted to have a personal (family) conflict for Tharin and when Ziri stood up from his sitting position in front of the mountain to face him, I thought...why not?

I'm so glad I did.

The above picture is a rendering by Jackomack of Tom Hardy in the movie Warrior.  I couldn't find an elf warrior rendering that fit Ziri's personality.  This is the closest I could find (unfortunately, without the ears). There's a vulnerability to Ziri that defies his physical appearance.  And it is that one character trait that made Nameth so evil.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Harlu...The Would Be King

Sent in by Ianexio M.
Artist Unknown
There is something to be said when the evil guy in the story was the easiest to create.  I loved fleshing out Harlu and all of his bad-self.  It was fun for me to write about a character who wanted nothing more than to be king...even if it meant killing off the hero, and his entire family, and marrying his own sister to rule a realm.

Being born second in the 12th House of the Velesi Clans may not have been a bad thing; that is if you weren't touched by a powerful demon "the second" you took your first breath.  Lily may not have had the best of childhoods, but at least she had people in her life that loved and protected her; Lucas, her uncle and, of course, Julia.  What did Harlu have besides foster parents that he eventually killed for no apparent reason but out of pure evil?

Like his sister, Harlu is beautiful.  Unlike his sister, he takes pleasure in the pains of others.  Yet, I've received dozens of emails for "Team Harlu."  There's something about bad boys that some girls are attracted to, but I'd be wary of this one.  He's not very nice.

Until next time, good reading to all!