Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday Sale!!

We're having a Black Friday Sale (plus an extra day) for the Velesi trilogy!  Sale will start Friday morning, November 29th, through Saturday evening, November 30th!  All eBooks will be on Amazon.com for Kindle.

Click on the images to take you directly to each Amazon product page.

The Binding - FREE

The Drifting - $1.99

The Whispering - $1.99

And remember - if you're out and about fighting the mob of shoppers for those great deals, fight for them in your local stores and give your community a boost!  Think small shops with big deals.  :)

Until the next time, good reading to all!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cover Reveal - The Binding

Kelsey Kukal-Keeton with K Keeton Designs did an absolutely beautiful job on the cover for The Binding, coming in print soon.  I am completely in love with this and look forward to working with Kelsey on the covers for The Drifting and The Whispering.

When we were in the process of working out the details, I sent the cover to a few people for their opinion and insight.  I was asked why I choose to go this route instead of going with the existing eBooks covers. Here's why.

When I first started writing The Binding, Jennifer (my sister-in-arms and partner in wanna-be-gansta-like crime) and I were in a small hole-in-the-wall Chinese diner after a rather exhausting workout. It was the night I told her I was writing a book - The Binding. I was nervous, expecting her to brush it off as another one of my "yeah, I'm gonna be a ____" whatever it was I was going to be at that time.  Here's the thing...she didn't brush it off, or laugh, or even roll her eyes at me.  Instead, she asked me what the book was about.  As I sat across from her, telling her about the first chapters, she remained quiet, listened intensely, and as I grew more animated about Lily's first encounter with Tharin, her eyes grew larger with each scene.

And when I was done, she didn't say a word.  Not a "oh my God, that's awesome" or "that stinks, next...".  After a few minutes of silence, I quickly told her it was a stupid idea and had tossed the story the night before.  I told her that no one would want to read, or even like, a story of a girl and her elf prince.  And, it would be embarrassing if someone did read it (like family and friends) and laugh me into never showing my face again.  Here's what she said to me:

1. No regrets
2. Who gives a f*ck?
3. Get rid of whatever brings you down, and
4. Prove everyone wrong.

I still have the napkin I wrote that on. It was July, 2011.

We spent the next hour in that little diner talking about the book, about how it will take the world by storm, and about the cover.  When I started writing The Binding, one of the things I envisioned was what the book cover would look like.  And that night, sitting across from me, Jenn said that she could actually see the book cover - her vision was exactly the same as mine.  Dark forest green background with gold lettering.

Jenn, two years later...and look - dark forest green background with gold lettering.  Thanks for the words of encouragement and keeping me on this journey.  The Binding would have never survived if it weren't for our pigging out after our workout.

Until the next time, good reading to all!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sharing Tharin and Lily

I've been asked many times how I would describe The Binding. My usual response is “The Binding is about an ordinary girl who was saved by an elf prince. He takes her from her simple life to fulfill a contract in the realm of Velesi. The girl agrees to journey with the prince in hopes of finding her missing brother. On their way to the prince’s realm, they face many obstacles and dangers.”

I realize the injustice I have done, not only to myself as the author of The Binding, but to the story as well. The narrative is about people—two very special individuals and the people who love them. Sure, there's mortal threat, deception, intrigue and prevalent evil. There are physical battles and emotional ones of the mind and heart. There are ogres, trolls, and demons.  There are also dryads, witches, wizards and assassins, a first glimpse of the dark elves, and love unrequited. Then there is the hope of reaching heaven...a place called Eirrell. 

And, let's not forget about the cat—ah, the black stealth that will steal your heart and become a part of your world within the Velesi trilogy. 

Within this chaotic and fantastic whirlwind, stand an elf prince and his halfling princess. Each looking for someone to complete them; destine to find what they never knew they were missing. Here is the heart of our story—Tharin and Lily. The Velesi trilogy is about their first meeting, their resistance to one another despite their strong connection, and finally, their acceptance of the fact that their strength lies within their Binding. Throughout their journey, they learn what it means to truly belong. It is a story of perseverance, hope, and most of all, love.

For those who have read Tharin's and Lily's story, I ask this one humble request- please share their story with family, friends, the mailman, the lady at the grocery store, the mechanic, your dental hygienist, and anyone who loves a good read. Send it to your Facebook and Instagram friends in Brazil, Jamaica, England, Japan, Mexico and wherever to whomever you write to. Tell them about Tharin’s and Lily’s story…spread the word and share the love!

Until the next time, good reading to all.