Sunday, June 22, 2014

In telling a story...

I like to believe that when I was born someone was telling a story. I tried thinking back to a time when I wasn't listening to a story being told; whether one-on-one, in a group, in a crowd, in the form of a book, a song, a poem or a performance on stage - or in everyday life. For me, the stories were never ending.

I see stories in the mundane, the fantastic, in the places I've been to and the people I have met, especially those I have come to know and love. I believe that we all have. I also believe that if a representative from every culture were to meet around a campfire, there would be similar local elements of folklore told in different languages with their own cultural spin on it. Hans Christian Anderson's tales come to mind.

Man, would I love to be included in that scenario. Imagine, stories from all around the world in one setting. I would be up for weeks.

In telling a story, one must believe in the unbelievable, more so the storyteller than those being told. How else would an imaginary world with fictional characters be so real to readers that they are accepted as real people from a real place? Whether the reader loves, hates or is in the in-between of either realm of emotion, at some point when they respond or react emotionally, they believed.

If you are one who has read the Velesi trilogy, you know that there are many stories within the story. For example Tileanith and the Unnamed Sidhe, Mirnuk and the First Gate Keepers, Ka'sith and Lotin, Molker and the Thieves Guild, the story of Jarhan, and so many more. Let's also not forget the three who started it all, who without there would be no Velesi...Kalinest, Sema and Kolinest. There are countless stories from the realm of Velesi and Eirrell with new ones still to be told (The Dragon Seed, anyone?).

I have received hundreds of requests to hear more of these characters. Granted most are waiting for the Alorn/Mellis series, but many want to know more about Tileanith and her "Jai'loa", Death. How did they meet? Why her...why did he choose her? How did she die? Or better yet, he is Death, was she his only love? Or his only in Velesi? Does he have an "only love" in the other realms? After all he is Death. He is eternal. There just can't be one love, not for him.

"Death in Love" by Tsad de Lira
And, to those few who asked to know more of the Manui Clan: Yes, there is a story about the mysterious Manui Clan and their connection to Jarhan. But that is for another time.

There is an entire universe of stories that lie beneath the surface of my imagination. All of them waiting to be set free. Each with a story within a story ready to be told, to be read, to be heard. So, so many with so little time.

When my daughter was born, I believe someone was telling a story...

Until the next time, good reading to all!