Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lily & Cessa

A fan sent in the following artwork by Lee JeeHyung. It's the closest I've seen of what Lily and Cessa would look like. Thank you, Jessica Askew for sharing...I love it!

Artist: Lee JeeHyung

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The 7th Relic - Karas & Aeyan

Once upon a time, Karas, the Sun God, called forth the Planets, Stars and their Guardians to the Sun Temple. As they awaited for his attendance, Karas remained in a small room adjacent to his chambers and watched those he called upon closely. 

"Where is Aeyan?" he wondered, displeased by her absence. Once again, the Goddess refused to attend his callings to show her obedience like those in the next room. With the temper only Karas possessed, he burst into the chambers and all those in attendance dropped to their knees in penance to the angry god. 

"Where is Aeyan?" stormed the Sun God.

Ashmist, Guardian of Mars, braved the Sun God's ire and rose to address him. "Lord, the Moon Goddess, Aeyan, is on a quest on Earth."

With a blast of a single breath, the Sun God sent all who were present back to where they came. Then, in the form of a fireball, he hurled himself to Earth in search of the Moon Goddess. He would put her in her place and remind her who it is that rule all in the heavenly skies. When Karas's essence touched upon the grass of Earth, the blades instantly turned to ashes. He found that everything he neared or touched burned and disintegrated, and the Mother Earth wept. Unhappy to have hurt Mother Earth, he told her that he did not know how to walk among her without causing death and destruction. The Mother reached out to him and whispered, "Take the form of man, and you shall be able to walk freely without killing all that I have given life to."

So Karas heeded the Mother's words and changed into the form of man, not realizing that by doing so, the powers of the Sun God were tempered. With each step he took, the skies above slowly turned into dusk and he grew weak with the setting of the sun. He continued his search until his energy was spent, and the moon high above the skies. By then it was too late when he realized that he could not will himself back to his true form. It was not long before he came upon an oasis with a small lake surrounded by large foliage. The lake held the mirror image of the moon, and when it rippled, the image looked like stairways to the heavenly orb.

He set himself down upon a ledge only inches from the water. "I will rest here," he said, exhausted from his long trek. As he laid on his back, he looked up into the evening sky to stare at the moon. "Even now you mock me, Goddess," he said weakly. And with that, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

A chill in the air awoke Karas and he sat up quickly, startled to find himself in a strange oasis. A gentle hand holds him in place and he found peace within its touch.

"Calm yourself, Karas, you are safe."  Karas stared at the hand placed on his shoulder, then followed it to the rest of the body that it belong to. Sitting beside him was Aeyan, the Moon Goddess. Never had he laid eyes on anyone or anything so beautiful that he felt he would never breathe again. In his existence, they knew of each other but never met as he ruled during the day, while she at night. And, of course, she never heeded his demands to present herself to him.

Remembering why he was there, Karas set himself to scold the absentee Goddess, but before he could, she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. The coolness of her essence once again eased the fire within and, startled, he leaned away from her confused by her action.

"Why did you do that?" he demanded, secretly liking what she had done.

"I wanted to know what it was like to be kissed by the sun," she said simply, giving him a gentle smile. "Are you not curious about being kissed by the moon?" 

"I am not here to play kissing games with you, Goddess," said Karas, trying mightily to sound stern. But her beauty befuddled him, her scent scattered his senses and her perfect body covered only by the webbing of the silvery moon had undone him completely.

Aeyan laughed at his attempt to be stern. "You may be the Sun God, but you are not my God. Am I not a Goddess? You only needed to ask for me and I would have come to you."

Karas, not used to being challenged, again tried to be stern. "All others in the heavens are obedient to me, and you will be obedient as well!" Even as the words escaped his lips, he knew it would never be. And he found deep in his heart that it made him happy.

Unruffled by his outburst, the Moon Goddess once again leaned into him, this time letting her body lay heavily against his as she kissed his lips. This was no gentle kiss; she kissed him so passionately that the fire within him burned the cobweb dress from her body. And he knew he was lost forever.

When Aeyan finally pulled back, she arose and stood naked before him and he saw that her porcelain skin was scorched and on fire. Karas leaped to his feet, caught her in his arms and said, "I will take you back to the Sun Temple, there my strength and powers will return and I will be able to heal you." And when he looked into her eyes, he saw love.

Aeyan placed a finger against his lips, silencing him. She looked down at her chest and stomach and softly blew on herself until the burning skin cooled. His fire left a series of cratered scars trailing down her body. 

"I am still too weak, you will have to help me. I can heal you once we are at my temple," cried Karas, distraught over what he had done to her.

Aeyan pulled him close and held him tight. "No, my love. I will wear them so when all look upon me they will know that I have suffered for love."

Karas reached up and took a strand of Aeyan's hair. He wrapped the lock around his finger then call the fire from within to heat the strand until it grew white hot. When he lifted his finger for Aeyan to see, a white band laced around it. "The sun will forever bear the white ring of the moon. And when all look upon me they will know I have labored for love."

With the last of his strength, Karas kissed the Moon Goddess, and when he was once again fast asleep, the Goddess lifted him toward the lake. But with each step she took, Karas became weaker, his heart slowed to a whisper and his fire smoldered to embers the closer he was to the moon. Realizing that they would never be able to live in each other's realm, Aeyan laid Karas back on the ledge. She walked a trillion worlds on a quest to find love and when she found him, he was forbidden to her. And the Moon Goddess cried deeply until all the stars in the night sky wept with her.

Karas awoke in his temple alone. Upon his heart, Aeyan had etched her message of their forbidden love. Refusing to believe her words, he called out to her, asking her to come to him. He felt her presence first before she appeared to him and his heart filled with joy. Alas, when she was fully formed, she fell into his arm, weak and dying.

"I cannot breathe here, my love," she whispered, dropping her head heavily against his chest. In desperation to save her, Karas called the moon to his temple. When it did not heed him, he lifted his hand and with the will of the Sun God moved the sun across the heavens until he reached the moon. With a final push, the sun eclipsed the moon forcing day and night to become one.

He looked upon the face of his beloved and waited. A heartbeat later, Aeyan's eyes fluttered open and she smiled at him. "The eclipse will not last long," said Aeyan, caressing the Sun God's face. "We cannot survive in each other's realm."

"Then I will keep the eclipse intact forever," promised Karas.

Aeyan, touched by his declaration, kissed him gently. When she finally pulled away, she said, "We both know that you cannot. We were meant to exist separately, each ordained with our own tasks to fulfill. And even the Sun God cannot hold an eclipse forever."

Karas hugged her tightly. "Then I will call for an eclipse when my need for you is great and life without you is unbearable. Until then, time will come to a standstill."

"We are gods, my love. What is time to us but the span of a falling star?" And with that, Aeyan pulled Karas to her and they were not heard from again until the end of the eclipse.

And there were many, many more eclipse that followed. Their unions were always full of joy, laughter and love...until the day they were betrayed.


The story of Karas and Aeyan is an ancient tale of forbidden love between the sun and moon. It has been told in many countries, in many tongues and throughout time. The names and story line are different, but the tale of eternal love remains. Karas and Aeyan are secondary (but pivotal) characters in the upcoming book: The 7th Relic. At the point when Andrew tells Grace about Karas and Aeyan, I could not help but expand on the story of the Sun God and his love, the Moon Goddess. So, I wrote a background story of the two. What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic.

I hope you enjoyed this version of the two lovers as much as I did telling it.

Until next time, good reading to all!

Note: All photos can be found on the internet and all artists attached to each are credited for their artwork and effort used on this blog. Keywords: Sun God, Moon Goddess, eclipse, moon over lake, moon, sun.