Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I don't like yelling; shouting puts my nerves on end.
I like calmness, I seek it, crave it and although selfish...I covet it.
I like the freshness of green, the serenity of blue and the warmth of brown.
I like the revelation of white, the birth of black and the passion of red.

I don't like any form of rudeness; the abrupt, disrespect, sharp invasion of it.
I like space, enough to spread my arms out and spin until the sky spins with me.
I like the feel of skin, the shell of one's soul, hidden just beneath the surface.
I like the sound of breathing; God's reminder that He is always with me.

I abhor violence, although I have confronted it many times in my past.
I love my family, the pulse of my existence.
I love being loved, making love and having love.
And I love me.