Monday, December 8, 2014

The Velesi Trilogy Books

Finally! All 3 books are out in's like a weight off my shoulders - and yet, very excited. Can move on to finishing next book. :)

Until next time, good reading to all!


  1. My wife (and sister) are huge fans of yours and often quote your books to each other and compare me quite often to characters that behave in certain ways (I will decide where or not I'm offended after reading the trilogy myself). She has a birthday coming up and I was hoping to do something very special for her. Do you have a publicist that I should direct a request to? I apologize if this is not appropriate or offends you in any way.

    1. Hi Brandon! Aw, trust me it's all good, unless of course they are comparing you to Harlu or even worst Kabba. ;)

      You can reach my publicist at, I call her Agent B. She knows you'll be contacting her with your request. She has the best handle on my schedule as I'm focusing now on rewrites for The 7th Relic before sending it off to the Editor. I'm so very happy that your wife and sister (and hopefully you) are fans of the Velesi books.

      Until the next time, much love from Velesi!