Friday, June 12, 2015

REVEIW: Lionel Goes to Camp

Paul R. Hewlett's third installment of his Lionel's Adventure series has been released and now available. 

This time around we go off to camp with Lionel and the mysterious and magical Walbaun foot. As hard as Lionel is careful when asking for wishes from the Walbaun, it always turns out to be more trouble than what he actually wished for. However, this time, the lessons from the wishes leads Lionel to his one true wish...finding his father. With a determination and focus beyond his years, Lionel wishes to be with his father, but instead of taking him directly to his dad, the Walbaun takes him into a dusty attic. There he finds clue about his father and the Order of the Arrow, but nothing else. Lionel is convinced that going to camp is the answer to all his questions.

The clues in his possession, Lionel is convinced that going to camp will help him find his father. So, he convinces his mother to let him go, not an easy task. But once she agrees, Lionel's first time away from home (and away from his brother, Feeney), he is propelled into a new adventure. You will meet familiar characters, Carrie (to his joy) and Tad Winters (not so enjoyable) and new faces, Paul Bunyan (you just have to read the book to get the reference) and his bookend buddy. You will also meet the camp counselors (very nice), the kitchen ladies (not so nice) and...a bank robber!

But there's more than seeking clues to finding his father. Lionel makes a decision to help another camper and finds himself blamed for something so terrible as punishment he is sent to work in the kitchen for a week. There he learns about hard work and how to deal with a mean-spirited kitchen lady. He also learns how to deal with being bullied by Tad with the help from some friends. And, of course, his anticipated face to face with Carrie.

And throughout his adventure at camp, the Walbaun foot is always within his reach. Will the magical foot help Lionel in his quest to find his father, or cause more trouble than Lionel can handle? Will he find his father and be a part of the Order of the Arrow? But most importantly, will he win the camp's scavenger hunt and spend a day at Lake Yellowhorn with Carrie? Find out in Lionel Goes to Camp.

Also, meet Lionel where it all began in Lionel and the Golden Rule, and Lionel Learns the True Meaning of Christmas. Enjoy!


Until next time, good reading to all!


  1. Thanks, LF, so much for the kind words and the feature on your site!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    1. The pleasure was all mine...seriously, one of favorite kid series. Awesome job as alwasy...bravo!!