Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Binding - The Graphic Novel

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It's happening! We're taking the Velesi trilogy to the graphic novel realm! I'm very excited to share this news with you and hope you will join me on this next journey for Lily and Tharin and the elves of Velesi!

We start with The Binding, breaking it down into 5 limited edition issues. Once all issues are done, they will be combined into one complete graphic novel. The success of this project will be used as a template for the remaining two books: The Drifting and The Whispering.

To help me put their story into illustrated form I have brought on board Las Vegas local artist, Tia Sifford who will be responsible for the main graphics. Also joining our team is California based Rita Fatu. Rita is our lead cover artist for all cover issues. At a later date we will bring on a letterer to help complete this project.

Pledges will help pay for all artists, letterer, supplies and materials, and the two major elements in making this project happen: printing and distribution.

Please, take a moment and visit our page, review the rewards tier and make a selection.

Although there are several rewards listed, my theory is if everyone pledges the $1 reward, we would reach our goal before the campaign ends.

Thank you so much for your support and much love from Velesi!

Until next time, good reading to all!