Friday, October 14, 2016

The Oracle's Amulet is here!

It's official The Oracle's Amulet is now available for pre-order on Amazon for Kindle. You can pre-order your copy here.

The Oracle’s amulet is missing. With its power, a nation can be brought to its knees and a mighty queen reduced to a mere puppet in the hands of her betrayer. In search of the amulet, an old enemy and an unlikely ally are in Pathen seeking the First Greaneth’s help. In the meantime, Mellis has his hands full with a visitor from Velesi—a young elf looking for his “uncle.”

Their quest for the amulet leads them back to Velesi and into Nyloth Woods. The journey takes them into treacherous territory, where danger comes in many forms. For Alorn, repressed memories open old wounds, and the need to silence the weeping he’s lived with since childhood. Mellis discovers the true essence of the Silverfish and its connection to the girl with the purple shark birthmark.

The Oracle’s Amulet leads the Greaneths to a world of wonder and conspiracy, of beauty and death. And the discovery of the amulet’s true purpose will change Alorn’s life forever.

The Oracle's Amulet will be released on Amazon 
November 25, 2016
Available for Kindle Only

The Oracle's Amulet is now available for pre-order at the special price of $1.99. And since November 25th is Black Friday we will continue with the $1.99 price all day. The launch price of $2.99 will be in effect on November 26, 2016.


Until next time, good reading to all!