Me and My Tia - 1989
L. Filloon was born in Leone, American Samoa. At a young age her family relocated to Hawaii and settled on Oahu. In 1977, her father once again relocated the family, this time to San Diego, eventually making National City, California their home. Although she started writing during her junior high school years, it wasn't until late 2011 that she self-published her first book, "The Binding"; the first in The Velesi Trilogy. She followed with Book 2, "The Drifting", and has recently completed the trilogy with "The Whispering" which will be available on Amazon.com for Kindle on July 27, 2013.
Me and My Tia - 2012

Now living in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband for the past twenty-something years, they live a quiet life away from the Strip with two felines named Ralph the Mouth (Ralphie) and Princess Kobe (who family and close friends are certain Cessa was based on). Ms. Filloon has a daughter also living in Sin City who recently got married. Despite her daughter and new husband's plans to wait on starting a family, Ms. Filloon is excited about the prospect of having grandchildren – which she has already warned the young couple she will spoil until the cows come home. Ms. Filloon owns no cows and have no plans to own any in the near future.


  1. Hi Logo. Lani Wendt Young just introduced me (and 1,000s other fans) to your books. It's great to discover more authors from the islands, especially Samoa. I'll be downloading your Velesi Trilogy & thankful for the internet & Amazon, otherwise it would be impossible for us in the islands to "escape" to these wonderful worlds that you and many of my favourite authors create. All the best! Alise Faulalo Stunnenberg from Samoa (Western).

    1. Ah, Alise! I am humbled and thrilled to be so warmly welcomed...thank you! The internet has many benefits, one of which to be able to connect with wonderful readers as yourself (...and 1,000s other...thank you, Lani!) I truly hope you enjoy reading the Velesi Trilogy, it was a labor of love and it warms me when I hear how much others have love them, too. I hope to continue creating more exciting and new realms for you and others to "escape" to. After all, we all need a break every now and then. Again, thank you and enjoy! Much love from Velesi...Logo.

  2. After reading the Velesi Trilogy and followed by the Greneath 1st book i decided to look up other books by this author. Lets js say i wanted more adventures and more laughter. I was sad to see that there was no more so anyways here i am, typing my humble thoughts on your blog not knowing that all along i was reading another great book from a Pacific Island writer. By far the best imaginations iv read and by far the most interesting adventures iv been on. THANK YOU for imagining the great, please keep it up and looking forward to many more books to come.
    Malo le Taumafai