The 7th Relic

The Ranch, an arcane institute for “hired security,” is attacked by Jleroh, the Blue Demon who is after the relic. An orphan, Grace discovers she is the temporary Bearer of the Seventh default. She finds herself lost and alone in the Bay Area, chased by a horde of demons called the Skytes. Jleroh's own personal army.
Andrew Teo is called back to retrieve the relic and return it to Kalorii for the Rising of Karas, the Sun God. But when he arrives he finds the Ranch deserted and burned to the ground. As the Bearer of the first six relics he must bring all seven back to his realm or there will be no sun for another millennia. When he discovers that Grace has the relic and is somewhere in the city he and his companions go on a search for the missing carrier.
Andrew is not looking forward to seeing Grace again. For on the road back to Kalorii, Andrew will struggle to keep Grace at arm’s length, despite being in love with her since childhood. As her own feelings for him awaken, she weakens his effort to keep her at bay as time runs out. To save his realm, and maybe himself, the Seventh Relic is not the only thing Andrew needs, but Grace herself.
The fight for the Light will bring them together, but an ancient prophesy will keep them forever apart.

~ * ~


  1. Hey there! I'd just like to say that I've read all the books that you've written and I love them so much! I honestly can't believe I haven't seen more people reading them and giving them the attention they deserve because the stories are so captivating!
    I was wondering though, if The Seventh Relic and The Talion Witch will be available in paperback anytime soon? I have the whole Velesi Trilogy in paperback;they are so beautiful:)

    1. Thank you so much @ashkatgone wild! I do appreciate the kind words, and I'm extremely thankful that the trilogy has touched you in a special way. As for more people reading them, I reader at a time. :) As for paperback for the Talion Witch and the 7th Relic, those may have to wait a little longer as I'm working on book 2 for the Greaneth Series, a five book series for middle-graders and another trilogy NOT connected to the Velesi realm. But, you never know...all is possible in the world of Velesi. Thank you for contacting me, I love the feedback. Take care and much love from Velesi! LF