Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Cover for the Binding

I have had a few ask me about The Binding's current book cover.  My response is always, "yeah...the book cover..."  When I decided to self-publish the book, I didn't realized that a book cover was necessary (you know, because it's an ebook...who knew? Obviously, not me), and it was much too late when I realized that Amazon actually has 'standby covers' until a more permanent, suitable one is created.  Yeah...I didn't read that part when I down loaded a generic cover that I got free off of a book cover design site.  So, the light blue, that looks-like-someone-dropped-it cover is what I'm stuck with until I'm able to find someone to help me create the cover at a decent cost.

Which brings me to planning out the design, which is actually kind of fun.  My original idea was to have a rendering of a willow tree (after Lily's clan, or oak for Tharin's), partial view with a few of it's long, drooping branches and tiny leaves spread across the top of the cover.  Then put in a single arrow stuck in the tree as if it's been recently shot (if that's possible to tell).  Then, of course, the book title, 'a novel' place below it and then the author's name. 

Then I started thinking about the actual binding itself.  Why not picture Lily as she's seen by Tharin during the binding?  Her in the faded, torn gown of the Willow Clan and the vine of thorns across her chest and wrists?  The more I think about it, the more I like it.  I like the idea a lot. 

So, I'm off to find a graphic designer to assist with putting the cover together and get rid of that awkward blue cover.  That way, for those who asks me about the cover, can start asking me about the actual story...ahhhh.  See how that works?  ;)

Until next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

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  1. Hi Mr. Filloon,

    Read your blog... read the excerpts...nice!! Wish you all the best!! May you discover a superb cover for your book soon :-)
    I 'm following your blog now:-)

    Also, thanks for going through my blog. Any suggestions you may have, please do let me know. Thank you!