Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tharin Lunar

When I started out writing The Binding, I knew my young prince before I knew his betrothed.  I've written many start up storylines in the past, and they all had a single male protagonist with characteristics of a true hero.  I wanted someone strong, honest, steadfast and true, someone fierce and loyal, and with enough animal magnetism that there is no doubt to his ability to handle himself.  However, I wanted also a character with flaws, especially when it comes to his feelings of love and what his outlook of love is.

I like Tharin.  Even though he's almost a century old, he's by human standards, only 19.  As a warrior, there is no doubt of his abilities, his loyalty to his king (his father), his twin brother Tolan and family, and his responsibility to Velesi and the thirteen clans.  As for love, he believes he knows love in the form of Kalis, but when he meets Lily, his world as he knows it is turned upside down.

At their first meeting, where he rescues her from an attack, he's determined to stay distant and aloof with the beautiful halfling elf, but her honesty of her feelings, especially to herself, draws him into her orbit defying his every attempt to keep her at arms length.  And, in doing so, he becomes conflicted and unsure and finding that only wanting not enough. 

Everything that Tharin has learn of becoming a warrior is tested in the safe keeping of Lily as they make their way to the borders of Velesi; but not in the way of physical battle, but more of an internal war between his loyalty to the Clans, his feelings for Kalis and the unfamiliar feeling of joy and love for Lily.  It's during the actual Binding that Tharin finally understands what true sacrifice is.  And his choice when asked by the Earth Spirit, is only a surprise to himself that he hadn't figured it out way before now.

Meet Tharin Lunar. The future king of Velesi, the realm of the Thirteen Clans, first heir to King Thilthen, brother to Prince Tolan and heir to the greatest Sidhe king in the history of Velesians, King Kalinest of the Oak Clan.

The Binding.

Until then, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

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