Thursday, April 5, 2012

I want to thank Laurie with 'Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews' for hosting the character interview for The Binding.  It was my first time doing a character interview with Tharin Lunar in the spotlight.  Speaking through Tharin's voice in this manner helped build his character and solidify his outlook about family, life, goals and Lily.  This was truly an amazing experience and I want to personally thank Laurie for the opportunity to showcase a wonderful character.

Thank you Laurie! 

Click on the banner above to take you directly to the interview page.  I hope you enjoy and have fun reading Tharin's interview as much as I did!

Until the next time, good reading to all!
L. Filloon

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  1. I loved the book I couldn't stop reading its nothing like I've read in the paranormal area . it's wonderful written. I cant wait for the next book ill make it on my pre-order list <3