Monday, September 24, 2012

A fan of The Binding contacted me asking if I could posts The Drifting teasers from my FaceBook page onto the blog site .  So, this is for Tiara Glover...enjoy!  

  • Teaser #1:  Lily - August 20
    • "I need to calm down so I can think of a way to escape, to find my way back to Tharin." 

  • Teaser #2:  Tharin - August 28
    • "I know now that even if we weren’t bound by the Binding, she will always be the one." 

  • Teaser #3:  Lily - September 4
    • "I stand shivering as he takes his time looking me over. His silent assessment becomes uncomfortable and without thinking I say, 'Ple...please don’t call me that. My name is Lily.'" 

  • Teaser #4:  Tharin - September 16
    • “We need to take out the kikta,” I say as I scan the area to pinpoint the witch’s location. The three humans and one orc surround us, leaving the kikta alone. Not good. A witch who needs no protection during a fight is either experienced, powerful, or both. Not good at all.       “I have her, Tharin,” came Tolan’s quiet thought.

  • Teaser #5:  Lily - September 22
    • "With his free arm he wraps it around one of my knees and yanks me forward, so I’m now straddling him in an upright position. He tries to hold me still as I continue to struggle. With one smooth move he turns us over, slamming me to the ground, knocking the wind out of me."

Until next time, good reading to all!



  1. Killing me with all these teasers!!! October seems so far away!!!

  2. Cant wait and hope It's out Early October!!!