Sunday, June 23, 2013

There have been times when I would start on a story, get really into it and then become distracted by my everyday life; I would put it away and forget about it.  There have been many times I have sat in front of this very screen, staring at it for hours before a single sentence is created.  It's a tough gig, I tell you.
Several times I wanted to quit on The Binding (Book 1 of the Velesi Trilogy), but continue to find myself sticking with it.  It was my first completed novel that I self-published in December 2011.  I was so happy and ecstatic, that I couldn't feel my feet for about an hour.  Unfortunately, once the euphoria passed, I was thrown back to the old familiar world of self-doubt and worry.  I was worried no one would even care to read what took me months to put into words.
It was tough in the beginning because I was clueless of what I needed to do to market my first novel.  I did learn a valuable lesson, and if I ever give one advice to new authors, it is this:  Get an editor.  Seriously, it will save you such headaches, heartache and keep you from going ninja on every reviewer who gave you a not so nice review.  By the way, good or bad, reviews are only opinions – don’t let it keep you from writing.  You can only improve and become a better writer, but ONLY if you stick with it and don’t let opinions not worthy of you to get under your skin.  Toughen up…life is too short not to live it your way and be happy doing it.
But, yes, it was all trial and error with the first book, and yes, people did pick up The Binding and read it (after a good thrashing from my editor - love her).  I also have just completed book 3 and looking forward to a few new projects waiting to come to life.
And with that said, I am eager to start on my next book, The 7th Relic, a YA urban fantasy and my Thomas Kane books (for middle-grade readers).  Very excited.

The 7th Relic:
The fires of Earth are dying.  The ancient Keeper of the Flame is blind and weary.  She waits for the Light to reignite the Flame of Life and heal her energy to remain as Keeper.  But the Light was kidnapped at birth and marked by the ancient Skytes.  Her memories of who she truly is are lost to her through their cruel methods.

Grace is seventeen and on the brink of graduating from high school, not that anyone would notice.  Her mother, an abusive alcoholic, who, for reasons Grace could never understand and had given up trying, hates her.  The kids from her school seem to ignore her, giving her a wide berth when she passes by.  Her teachers are either bothered by her looks and withdrawn attitude, or love her for her artistic and brilliant artwork.  But even the ones who are impressed keep their distance.  All Grace dreams of is to win the San Diego Museum Art contest and receive a full scholarship for one of the most prestigious art programs in France.  It is through this drive to win that brings her face to face with an ancient Skytes prince and the Protector standing between them, Andrew Teo.

Andrew must get Grace to the Keeper before time runs out.  But in order for her to reignite the Flame, she needs seven relics that will create the means to do it.  She and Andrew must depend on their small group of friends, allies and each other if they intend to keep Earth's fires burning.

The 7th Relic - Coming Fall 2014


  1. Yeah! I'm going to need a new series to look forward to! Can't wait! It sounds awesome. Thanks for the fantastic novels, and for the worlds in which you create, that are so easy to get lost in. We all need someplace to escape to, and your novels are that place for me. Here's to future novels!

    1. Thank you, Andrea! That was very nice, and I thank you for it, truly. I'm very excited to start on The 7th Relic and the Thomas Kane books. Like you I get lost in the worlds I create and at times I find I can't wait to get back to them. :)

      Thanks again, your words are very humbling; and I will do my best to continue writing stories we all can escape to. :)


  2. Great post! I loved the Velesi series, which I just finished, and I just browsed (see: stalked) your blog- very, very cool. Not only did you make an awesome world for us, your bio is also awesome. You're one of my favorite authors, now. :D I look forward to Mellis and Alorn's story, but I'm totally psyched about the Dragon Seed series!

    1. Thank you, C. Erani...on all accounts. :)

      I'm very excited about the series with Alorn and Mellis, but really, really looking forward to the Dragon Seed. I'm looking forward to weaving Lily's youngest daughter's story.

      However, I have two other projects I need to get out before I can start on those books. But those have already been completed in my head, I just need to get them written. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to come back and see (stalked) anytime. By the way...thank you for the awesome review. :)