Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dorlan...Alorn Who?

RPG Crossing Character - Artist:  Air EB (?)
Entered by Jesse (Great Wyrm) - 2010
There is much mystery surrounding Alorn's older brother, Dorlan, the Assassin for the Dark Elves. Is he on a mission for the late King Thilthen? Or has he truly become one with his adoptive race, the Sithide?

There  are many questions in regards to his  relationship to Kalis in The Whispering.  However, when we were first introduced to him, it was mentioned that he is married to the daughter of the queen of the Sithide. Being married to the princess of the Dark Elves has its the queen's ear.

There is a great deal of mystery about Dorlan, and we will learn more of him when he goes to Pathen in search of his brother, the Warrior Elf.

Until next time, Good reading to all!

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