Friday, August 2, 2013

Harlu...The Would Be King

Sent in by Ianexio M.
Artist Unknown
There is something to be said when the evil guy in the story was the easiest to create.  I loved fleshing out Harlu and all of his bad-self.  It was fun for me to write about a character who wanted nothing more than to be king...even if it meant killing off the hero, and his entire family, and marrying his own sister to rule a realm.

Being born second in the 12th House of the Velesi Clans may not have been a bad thing; that is if you weren't touched by a powerful demon "the second" you took your first breath.  Lily may not have had the best of childhoods, but at least she had people in her life that loved and protected her; Lucas, her uncle and, of course, Julia.  What did Harlu have besides foster parents that he eventually killed for no apparent reason but out of pure evil?

Like his sister, Harlu is beautiful.  Unlike his sister, he takes pleasure in the pains of others.  Yet, I've received dozens of emails for "Team Harlu."  There's something about bad boys that some girls are attracted to, but I'd be wary of this one.  He's not very nice.

Until next time, good reading to all!

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